About PhilaTextures and Artist Mark Henninger


PhilaTexturesMark Henninger is a Philadelphia-based artist. His art uses interplays of color, light, math and movement to reveal new and unique patterns and shapes of the universe.

Born in New York City, Mark spent his childhood around the world in Africa and Europe. He returned to the United States to attend school and studied both traditional photography and computer graphics. In 1997 he founded the digital imaging firm Imagic Digital with his wife, Danya.

The visual art Mark creates is the result of his wealth of experience with a camera and the depth of his knowledge of graphics software and digital printing. He also composes original music as Dub King.


PhilaTextures are based on Mark's original photography. Images are then played with, rearranged and recomposed using a myriad of softwares and visual tools.

Prints are made one at a time on archival watercolor paper.

Mark and Danya were pioneers of giclee printing. Iin the late 1990s, they were providing print services for established traditional photographers who were wary of the new digital printing methods. By replacing inks by hand with a syringe, and rigging a desktop printer to accept thicker, cotton paper, Mark began providing some of the first long-lasting digital photo prints.

Imagic Digital Darkrooms—later shortened to Imagic Digital—was born.




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